Death of a Bad Neighbour cover artwork

15 authors. 15 stories. 15 crimes.

Death of a Bad Neighbour cover artwork

"I've really enjoyed these short stories! Made me laugh, surprised me, and shocked me! An excellent anthology."
- Richard Walters, UK reader (Facebook, April 2022)

CriminOlly's 15 second review on YouTube

"Great title!"
- Mariella Frostrup
on Times Radio
11th May 2022


Hilary Davidson, Eve Elliot, Kay Hanifen, Wendy Harrison, Steve Hockensmith, Robert Lopresti, Nick Manzolillo, Warren Moore, Eve Morton, Shiny Nyquist, Kevin Quigley, Marilyn Todd, F. D. Trenton, L. C. Tyler, Dave Zeltserman.

Edited by Jack Calverley who hosted the CrimeCityCentral podcast once a week for two years.

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